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Title: Jellyfishing
Author: Titan5
Rating: PG
Word count: ~7700
Summary: New world, new trading partners, new foods, and of course, new and dangerous wildlife.
Author’s note: Big thank you to black_raven135 for doing the beta thing and fixing my goofy mistakes. Merry Christmas to anyone still hanging around looking for gen Sheppard h/c stories!!

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Shoot me now!

So, my flash drive died. The one with all my school powerpoints and study guides and syllabi. Some of that is posted or an early version is saved somewhere else or I can recover it from email. Then there are the "cannot be recreated or replaced" things like several unfinished SGA stories, some that are pretty long and close to being finished . . . er, rather they were. The big disaster? I had a huge chapter (or two) - like 30 pages or so - from the novel I'm writing that was my murphy's law/humorous chapter that whumped the daylights out of the whole crew. It was sort of loosely based on Planet of Doom, but a lot more complex and with a clueless scientist who caused a lot of their problems. I poured my soul into that chapter and it's completely gone. I took it to professionals and they just called to tell me they couldn't pull anything off the drive.

I'm going to go crawl into a corner and cry now, after which I'll research what online backup service I want to pay for. Yes, I know. Closing the barn door after the animals have escaped.



Finally hit 50,000 words and I did it in time.
Now I just have to write the rest of the novel - it's turning out kind of long (imagine that).


NaNoWriMo Update

I'm just past 33,000 words so 2/3 the way through. I'm a bit behind but I think I can catch up over Thanksgiving break. I plan on hitting that 50,000 mark by the end of the month, although I don't think that will be the end of the novel. I'm only about halfway through the story at best, so I think it's going to be more like 75,000 words, give or take a few thousand. I read a thing the other day that said writing was somewhere between paradise and torture and that was totally correct. I love when the words flow and I hate when I'm sitting here forcing them to come. All in all, it's been worth it though. I'm glad I elected to participate this year.

Back to work!!

NaNoWriMo Begins!!

November 1 - so NaNoWriMo starts today. I am ridiculously excited, I think because I've wanted to participate again for years and always talked myself out of it due to a total lack of time. I don't have heaps of time now, but it's not as bad as some years and I kind of have this burning desire to write this book. I'm mostly ready - outline, general character descriptions/history, a partially built world. I think I'm to the point of starting and figuring out the rest as I go. I'm planning myself a big write in this afternoon to get started, maybe get a little ahead on that 1667 words per day in case I have a bad day later. Wish me luck!!

One week to go!

One week until NaNoWriMo kicks off and I'm making progress toward getting ready. I think my outline is about two-thirds done. I've been working on plans for the spaceship and that is almost complete. I need to do some more work on character backgrounds and world building this week. I have to admit that I'm getting anxious to get started writing. Here's hoping that translates into lots of writing and not so much sitting in front of the computer staring at the screen.

I did it!

I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I'm so excited as I've wanted to do it again for years. I don't really have any more time this year than I've had the last couple of years, but I signed up anyway. I think the HUGE craving to write has reached a point where I'm going to have to indulge myself. The novel I wrote last time was crap, pure and simple. I loved some of the characters and the general premise, but the rest was just boring dribble. So I ditched everything but a few characters and the general, overall theme and I'm starting all over. I'm recreating the characters I'm keeping and adding in a few more. I'm working on the outline and new characters right now so hopefully I'll be ready to start writing November 1. I still really like the main theme so I'm hoping to produce something I can work with and edit this time around. Originally I was going to go I with an idea I've been brewing for a while now, but I'm not ready to let go of the first idea yet. This is do or die for that one.

Now I just wish I could find a writing buddy that lives around here so we could get together and push each other and share ideas and drink mass quantities of coffee together.


I must be crazy!

Why? Because I'm thinking about doing NaNoWriMo. Seriously. Usually I'm committed to writing a Secret Santa fic for Sheppard H/C community, but since that's an extinct critter now . . . I know. I should be finishing one of ten or twelve SGA fics I'm in the middle of. But for some reason, NaNoWriMo is calling to me like crazy this year, even though I still have very little free time and I tend to fall asleep about twenty minutes after I sit down at night (old age really sucks that way). Guess I have two weeks to decide.

And by the way, has anyone tried reading fics on ffnet lately? What's with bouncing you to the bottom of the page for some video every few minutes while you're trying to read a chapter. That is driving me nuts!! I've been rereading some faves lately and I want to read, not watch some lame stupid video. Is it just my computer being weird or has ffnet lost their mind?


Late Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know - late, as usual. There goes one resolution (LOL). On the plus side, I did manage to get my winter fic exchange story posted on time. Barely, but I made it. I didn't actually procrastinate like I usually do. I had the whole thing outlined and part of it written, but I was planning on doing the lion's share of the writing over Christmas Break. And then one day of babysitting my seven year old grandson turned into two weeks minus Christmas and New Year's. So the writing took longer than expected. Huge on the plus side though was I got to spend most of the two weeks with my grandson, who is a hoot by the way. I raised three girls. Boys are most definitely different. Oops, excuse me. Not a boy, but "a man".

On to the next resolution. My youngest daughter and I started our diet (more of a healthier eating plan) and we joined a local fitness place. We're determined to lose some weight and get in better shape. We get our one free meeting with a personal trainer Thursday and I'm just hoping the girl doesn't fall on the floor laughing when she sees me. Our motivation is that for spring break we are going . . . . drum roll, please . . . on a cruise. I've wanted to go on one for years and now we are really doing it. Hubby doesn't want to go because he thinks it sounds boring, so we are going it alone. On the plus side, I don't have to find anyone to watch the house or feed my zoo of animals. I am ridiculously excited about this. I need to be in better shape so I can climb around on the Mayan ruins without giving myself a heart attack.

And how are you paying for this magnificent cruise you ask. By teaching college classes four nights a week this semester. So no free time or sleeping this semester, but it'll be worth it. Remind me I said that in a month or so (LOL)!! Especially when I'm trying to do that and science fair at the same time.

My youngest daughter is graduating from high school this year and probably going off to college next year. She's been applying for scholarships since apparently it is a lot harder than it used to be to get a full ride to college (holy cow, have you looked at the cost of college lately). Hubby has worked out of town a lot for the last few years and the older kids moved out several years ago (they are several years older than her), so we are really close. I'm going to miss her like crazy if she ends up moving across the state. She's also my tech person so I'll be technologically lost without her as well. I'll miss that "Oh, mom" and sigh when I ask stupid questions. I think I'm already developing "empty nest" syndrome.


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Part 2

Title: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Part 2
Author: titan5
Recipent: theladymore
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~15,000
Genre/Characters/Pairings: Het; John/Elizabeth
Warnings (if applicable): references and evidence of people getting eaten
Summary: John is kidnapped and sacrificed to a monster who lives in the cave system of a planet a few days before Christmas. He’s beginning to wonder if there is a target painted on his back.
Author's Notes: Written for Sheppard H/C Winter Fic Exchange 2014. Prompt used at the end of the story. Many thanks to my wonderful beta black_raven135 for her excellent and fast work. Any missed mistakes are totally my fault for being in such a hurry to make the deadline.

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